Mise en textes de la voix

The actualities of using language result in texts-in-context; the processes underlying are termed entextualization and contextualization, and are simultaneous semiotic moments of an experientially unitary phenomenon... [Double vie de la voix, à chaque instant et simultanément, enregistrée, relayée et réincarnée dans d'autres lieux que celui de sa production sensori-motrice.] There are new modes of text-artifactuality [de nouvelles textualités] (creation of objectual inscriptions that mediate entextualization/ contextualization), such as print, audio/ videotape, electronic storage, and the like, that are transforming the roles of senders and receivers of texts in the circulation of culture. Michael Silverstein, Contemporary transformations of local linguistic communities, Annual Review of Anthropology , Vol. 27, 1998, pp.401-426.

Distinction between discourse and text. At the heart of the process of decentering discourse is the more fundamental process, entextualization… It is the process of rendering discourse extractable, of making a stretch of linguistic production into a unit—a text—that can be lifted out of its interactional setting. A text, then, from this vantage point, is discourse rendered decontextualizable. Richard Bauman & Charles L. Briggs, Poetics and performance as critical perspectives on language and social life, Annual Review of Anthropology, Vol. 19, 1990, pp. 59-88.