William Hogarth (1697–1764)

Le bandeau de ce site est un détail d'une peinture de William Hogarth, la première d'une série intitulée Le mariage à la mode, qu'on admire à la National Gallery, Londres.

'Marriage A-la-Mode' was the first of Hogarth's satirical moralising series of engravings that took the upper echelons of society as its subject. … The story starts in the mansion of the Earl Squander who is arranging to marry his son to the daughter of a wealthy but mean city merchant. It ends with the murder of the son and the suicide of the daughter. … In the first scene the aged Earl (far right) is shown with his family tree and the crutches he needs because of his gout. … The merchant, who is plainly dressed, holds the marriage contract, while his daughter behind him listens to a young lawyer, Silvertongue. The Earl's son, the Viscount, admires his face in a mirror. …



Marriage A-la-Mode: 1, The Marriage Settlement
about 1743
London, National Gallery